How to choose a makeup brush for beginners?(1)

The foundation brush.

Foundation brushes are generally divided into four types, flat head, round head, oblique head, bullet head /flat head. The bristles are mainly fibrous, because natural bristles may bounce off liquid foundation. The bristles are firm and firm and have a certain degree of elasticity, and can evenly spread the liquid foundation on the face.

1.Round head foundation brush

The round head foundation brush is perpendicular to the face when you use it. After you point the foundation liquid on your face with your finger, slowly push the foundation liquid in a circular motion. Of course, you can also use it to brush powder foundation and the like.

2.Inclined foundation brush

The oblique head foundation brush has a certain angle itself, and the oblique head fits the face line when used, so the foundation liquid is brushed evenly from the inside out without a specific angle.

3.Flat head foundation brush

Flat head foundation brush, the bristles are cut from the side. When used, like a round head brush, the foundation liquid is first fingered on the face, poked with the brush, and then the foundation is slowly pushed in a circle open.

4.Bullet head brush

When the bullet head brush is used, the brush is at a left and right angle of 45 degrees to the face, and the liquid foundation is brushed from the inside of the face to the outside.


Before using the sponge, wet it with water, and then squeeze out the water before applying makeup. Therefore, the makeup effect is lighter and lighter, and it has a little gloss. The concealing power of the sponge will be weaker.