How to choose a makeup brush for beginners?(2)

1.Loose powder brushes

Loose powder brushes are generally soft natural bristles, which are basically round-headed. The bristles are relatively loose and slightly longer than other makeup brushes. Basically, you can see which one is the largest in a set of makeup brushes and which is the loose powder brush.

2.Trimming brush

The trimming brush is mostly beveled or small round head shape, and the beveled shape is more suitable for the face curve. The trimming brush is generally less elastic and can naturally catch powder.

3.Blush brush

There are round head brushes, angled brushes, and this kind of oval egg brush with long middle and short sides. The round head brush is at a 90-degree angle to the face when used, The oblique angle brush is not very smooth in a circular way. It can be used as a Nike type. The oval egg brush is about 30 degrees to 45 degrees to the face. Use the side of the bristle to pat the blush on the cheek on.

4.Highlight brush

High-gloss brushes are generally small round heads, and should not be too large. When using, apply high-gloss powder to the area where the face needs highlights.

5.Concealer brush

The bristles are flat, the size of the bristles is similar to the fingernails of the index finger or the little finger, and is mainly made of synthetic fiber. The scope of use of the concealer brush is such as the dark circles under the eyes small.

6.Fan brush

The brush is thin and shaped like a small fan. Generally, a synthetic fiber brush with better elasticity is used. When the powder on the face is used more or the eyeshadow powder is stained under the eyes, you can use it to sweep away the remaining powder.