How to choose a makeup brush for beginners?(3)

Eye brush

1.Priming brush (large eye shadow brush)

The bristles are about the size of the thumb nails, and the hairs are softer, usually the lightest color is used to make the eyelid base.

2.Medium and small eye shadow brushes

The bristles are about the size of an index finger nail, and are usually used to paint eye shadow transition colors. When painting eye makeup, adjust the size of the brush according to the range of painting. The larger the range, the larger the brush is, the smaller the range is. And each time you use a different color, you must first rub the eye shadow powder remaining on the bristles back and forth on the paper towel.

3.Tapered brush

The brush head is in the shape of a cone and is generally used to strengthen the eye socket, or to draw the tail triangle, or use the top of the bristles to draw the eyelid eye shadow.

4.C type brush

The bristles have a C-shape, flat and firm hair, easy to pick color, and suitable for eyeliner color.

5.Eyeliner brush

Synthetic fiber and eyeliner can draw smooth lines. These brushes are universal, with the smallest brush head.

6.Eyebrow brush

There are two types of spiral eyebrow brush and beveled eyebrow brush. The bristles are hard, flat and easy to get color. When drawing eyebrows, first draw the eyebrow frame with an oblique eyebrow brush, then use eyebrow powder to fill the gaps in the eyebrows, and finally use the spiral eyebrow brush to brush the whole lightly to make the color more natural.

7.Lip brush

The brush head is flat, also mainly made of synthetic fibers, because natural bristles may have lip lines or uneven coloring, and the bristles are soft. Tilt 30 to 45 degrees when using. Painting lips with a lip brush can make the color more uniform, and the shape of the lips is more detailed